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How To Build Chest Muscle

Having a big, powerful chest is one of the most desirable traits for a lot of men, and therefore building chest muscle is an important topic. The chest consists mainly of the pectoralis major and minor, which are attached to the humerus on either side and the sternum in the middle. Fortunately, chest muscle is fairly easy to build, and with a proper workout regimen, you should be able to develop a thick, muscular chest in a relatively short amount of time.

One of the main keys to building chest muscle is to target all areas of the chest with every workout. This will maximally stimulate all the muscle fibers and cause a state of hypertrophy, which leads to rapid muscle building. The best chest lift, and the staple of most workouts,is the flat bench press, which targets all areas of the chest. Also, be sure to mix in a variety of other chest exercises so that the body must constantly adapt to new stresses by building muscle, rather than just maintaining its current state.

For more information, see the weightlifting tips.

Exercises To Build Chest Muscle

Upper Chest. To build the upper chest, it is best to use an incline angle. The following exercises are the most effective at targeting the upper chest.

Lower Chest. To build the lower chest, it is best to use a decline angle. Try the following exercises to focus on building the lower chest.

Inner Chest. Most chest exercises will work the inner chest, but the following exercises are generally the most effective.

Outer Chest. Again, many chest exercises will involve the outer chest, but the following exercises are typically highly effective.

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